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Prepare for the 9%
National Insurance increase

on your employee salaries.

Understand where the real increase has come from...

Although the Government has published the rise to be 1.25% across the board, a recent complaint claiming this figure was misleading has forced the Government to amend the website.

The increase is 1.25 percentage points, as for employers it’s going up from 13.8% to 15.05%. However, the percentage that this converts to in terms of monetary contribution is actually closer to 9%.

To find out more about the real increase, download our free to read guide.

Your NI contribution is going up by


percentage points

Do you know what the increase means for your business?

The planned increase will have a direct impact on your business and will cost you more in National Insurance Contributions (NICs) for payroll, as well as for providing employee benefits with the increase also being applicable to Class 1A NICs.

Therefore, you need a solid strategy that can help you make saving elsewhere in your business to compensate for the NIC increase.

Download our guide to learn how you can make savings.

Be ready for the National Insurance increase and understand how to make savings with our free to read, comprehensive online guide.

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