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Audi Centre Car Scheme

Exclusive access to vehicles for Audi employees

Your scheme is an opportunity to own a brand-new vehicle with significant savings in comparison to car finance arrangements such as leasing, PCP and PCH.

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Scheme Benefits

No deposit

Say goodbye to £1,000+ deposits to get great offers. With your staff car scheme, you can get access to competitive repayments unique to your employment.

Short term contracts

Break free from multi-year finance agreements. Enjoy a brand-new vehicle every year, and experience the full range of vehicles available to you.

Fixed repayments, no hidden fees

Peace of mind with no mid-contract price changes or hidden charges. Plus, all repayments are taken from your net pay. This removes the need for another direct debit to manage.

Generous mileage allowance

Experience the best of your new vehicle without the worry of over-travelling and large penalties, as your vehicle will come with 1,000 miles per month allowance.

No Benefit-in-Kind Taxation

Due to the unique setup of your scheme, your new car is not a taxable benefit and therefore is not subject to company car tax.

Are you eligible to join a CBS staff car scheme?


*This also includes if you are legally unable to accept new credit, are subject to the conditions of an IVA, or other debt management solutions.

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^Net Promoter Score and Customer Satisfaction Index scores based on results gathered from 16,297 responses across all CBS products, collected at the point of vehicle delivery from 1st March 21 to 28th Feb 22.

Contact Information

Should you require any more information regarding the scheme, please contact your Scheme Co-ordinator or dedicated Scheme Help desk.


Scheme Help desk


Scheme Help desk
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