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Celebrates 20 Years

To mark 20 years in business, we spoke to long serving employees to learn about their CBS journeys

Employee Interviews

We’ve interviewed CBS Managing Director, Paul Taylor along with five other CBS employees to find out what has kept them in the business for so many years and how they remain motivated.

Employee Testimonials

Further employees told us their experiences at CBS, the milestones that have been reached and any advice they would offer new starters, joining the business.

Jill Somerville​

Head of Marketing​

What has kept you with the company for so many years?

“The progress that the company has made as we secured new OEM partners over the years, as well as working tactically and collaboratively to provide the very best service has continually pushed me outside my comfort zone, enabled me to become a stronger manager and leader of the team. This has enabled me to grow as CBS did.”

Neil Davies​

Technical Director​

What’s been the most positive change at CBS?

“Setting up the Management Board, which has facilitated the growth of the business and allowed the directors to take on more strategic roles. Also, the decision to develop our own operating platform, which has given us enormous flexibility in being able to implement and operate the solutions we develop, which would not be as expedient, or even possible if we had to use third party systems.”

Jay Winder

Commercial Operations Manager

What has kept you with the company for so many years?

“Being able to progress and fulfil my professional and career aspirations is a huge part of why I have stayed at CBS. Even after 15 years, I am still challenged every day, which is a large motivator. Having great leaders is another key reason, first in the finance team with Kathy for 10 years and then Ryan once Finance & Operations merged in 2017.”

Natalie Almond

Head of Driver Development

What advice would you give to someone just starting at CBS?

“Ask questions, ask for support when needed, get to know people within other departments not just your own, be brave and challenge the norm and put forward any suggestions you feel would improve the way in which we do things today, and most importantly enjoy being a part of the CBS family.”

Mark Prescott

Customer Experience Executive

What attracted you to CBS originally?

“I’d been to a few interviews, most of which were very intense. I turned up to the CBS interview, where I was greeted by Daron Salmons and Paul Taylor. They made me feel at ease, we spoke about football, rugby and the role as well, obviously! I never thought I’d get the job, but I got the phone call with the offer the same day.”

Jonathan Reid

Accounts Receivable Officer

Can you list any major milestones of your CBS career?

“I’ve always worked in finance, and when I first started, we had Audi, Volkswagen and some corporate clients. Watching CBS hit the lending value of £1m, £2m and so on, was a great moment as was seeing the growth of manufacturers from two to over 30. I also turned 40 while being at CBS, and had my first daughter.”

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